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Discover the best of Belgrade by using local knowledge to get the most out of your stay. We asked Eddie of Belgrade My Way blog for his expert recommendations, including where you should stay and what you should do. So, take five minutes to read about everything from hotspots to hidden gems.

Which Belgrade hotels would you recommend?

Apartment Modus (2-star hotel) – It’s a good downtown location for a decent price.

Zira Hotel (4-star hotel) – Located very close to city centre, has shopping centre below, nice terrace restaurant and decent prices.

Hotel Hyatt Regency (5-star hotel) – This has a long tradition as one of the most luxurious hotels in Belgrade. It is located in a business area, yet near downtown and the vast Ušće Park.

What are your local snack recommendations?

Smoki and Plazma. Smoki is a type of popular snack from Serbia called flips. They are salty cornmeal grits made with peanuts. Ground Plazma is a biscuit snack, usually served with milk or crepes.

Which city sight-seeing tour would you recommend?

Try the "Hop-on hop-off" tour by Lasta, iBikeBelgrade. For more details, please see my blog.

Which café would you recommend to a friend and why?

Viva raft café offers good drinks, some food, and a relaxing atmosphere on the river.

  • Viva, Dorćol Danube Quay, Obala Majora Gavrilovića, bb
  • OK-NO, Obilićev Venac 10
  • Cafe Zmaj, Zmaj Jovina 15
  • Peron, Braće Krsmanović 12

Which museum would you recommend to visit and why?

Museum of Science and Technology has a great collection of everyday household and industrial devices, from irons and personal computers to steam printers and a room-sized jukebox! The Science Corner is also very interesting.

The Military History Museum hosts a collection of weapons, uniforms, scale models of fortifications and war machinery ranging from the Stone Age to the present day, including a part of the F117 stealth plane that was taken down during the NATO bombings of 1999.

The Museum of Yugoslav History often hosts art and culture exhibitions, with a special focus on the era of socialist Yugoslavia. Location:

  • Museum of Science and Technology, Skenderbegova 56
  • The Military History Museum, Kalemegdan Fortress
  • The Museum of History of Yugoslavia, Botićeva 6

Which landmark would you recommend to visit and why?

Belgrade (Kalemegdan) Fortress is the historical heart of Belgrade. Today, it’s an open-air museum of times gone by. It is a set of monuments and landmarks dating from Roman times, covering Byzantine, Turkish, Hungarian, Medieval Serbian, and Habsburg imperial relics.

Which Belgrade pubs or bars would you recommend to a friend?

  • OK-NO, Obilićev Venac 10
  • Cafe Zmaj, Zmaj Jovina 15

Which local nightclub would you recommend to visit and why?

The nightclubs change very often in Belgrade, but at the moment I'd recommend Peron.

What souvenirs would you recommend to buy?

Magnets, clocks, mugs, t-shirts, wooden flutes, and flasks are all popular.

What Belgrade delicacy would you recommend to try?

Gibanica and burek are two traditional pastry dishes made with cheese. There are also burek made with meat, mushrooms, cherries and other combinations.

Ćevapčići (pronounced che-vap-chi-chi) and pljeskavica are two of the most popular variations of minced and grilled meat.

Also Sarma (sour cabbage leaves wrapped around meat or rice), Podvarak (baked sauerkraut and meat), and Prebranac (baked bean dish with meat).

What is your personal recommendation for a not-to-be-missed activity in Belgrade?

Try catching a sunset or an approaching thunderstorm from the north-western wall at Kalemegdan, looking towards Zemun and Novi Beograd.

Do you have any more recommendations? Something only known to locals?

The city surroundings are also very charming. There are many places worth visiting that are off tourists’ radars, including towns and villages, rivers, lakes, churches and monasteries. Here are just a few:

  • Grocka
  • Pančevo
  • St. Nikolaj monastery
  • Rakovica monastery
  • Pariguz lake
  • Tamiš and Sebeš rivers
  • Obedska bara natural reserve
  • Fruška Gora national park
  • Medieval city of Smederevo

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