Belgrade tourist board recommendations

Learn how to see Belgrade’s true beauty with our expert recommendations. We asked Jelena Stankovic of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade for her best suggestions on holiday activities.

There’s a range of local information on some of the better-kept secrets of the city. So whether you want to know what to eat, or what to see, you should take five minutes to browse these handy tips.

What are the tastiest local snacks?

Try pljeskavica, a national dish of Serbia. Similar to a burger, it is a spiced meat patty served with cabbage salad and cheese on a round loaf of bread.

Top pick for sight-seeing tours ?

The Royal Compound is a two-residence complex surrounded by English-style gardens. It was built in the 1920s and 30s to house the royal family. The coach tour is recommended.

Best museum to visit?

The Nikola Tesla Museum is dedicated to the lifework of the famous inventor. It features thousands of documents, journals, and technical exhibits. You can find it at

  • Nikola Tesla Museum, Krunska 51, 11000 Belgrade

Must-see landmark?

Belgrade Fortress – One of the oldest fortifications in Europe, which can also be considered the largest open air museum of Belgrade history.

How can you find good souvenirs?

Take a look at the souvenir shop near The Victor monument. It’s in the nearby Small Powder Magazine and has souvenirs, postcards, maps and more.

Loveliest local delicacy?

Try Orasnica, a Serbian walnut cookie.

Personal recommendation for an activity?

Visit Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade’s best and most famous summer resort. It’s a river island with a beach 7 km long and more than 50 sports fields. You’ll also find plenty of places for relaxation and enjoyment of nature.

How can you experience Belgrade like a local?

Go to Dorcol – this is an old neighbourhood, mostly residential, with plenty of local cafes, shops and "old fashioned" restaurants.

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Belgrade tourist board recommendations
Tourist Organisation of Belgrade

By Jelena Stankovic

Tourist Organisation of Belgrade